Company policy


LOKO TRANS Slovakia s.r.o. together with the employees established the following policy:

The main area of expertise of our company is the manufacture, repairs and modernization of railway equipment.

The goal of the company is to constantly raise the quality of our work while upholding the current legislation of the Slovak Republic.

Our services are being offered at a highly professional level, aimed at customer satisfaction. High worth is placed on workplace security, health protection and environmental safety. We keep to the rule that it is easier and cheaper to prevent problems from happening than to deal with their consequences.

We deal openly and responsibly with our suppliers, however, we place high demands on the quality, environment protection and security.

The services we offer will never be at odds with the current laws and legislation.

To support this policy the company management commits itself to:

  • •To improve the integrated management system, constantly improve its effectiveness and integrity in accordance to the demands of the norms ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


  • •Continuously improve all processes with the aim to further develop the company and ensure customer satisfaction in such a way, that work will be carried out effectively and so that any possible negative influences on the security and health of surrounding population and personnel are minimized, the environment is protected and that the current legal order as well as the demands of all interested parties are upheld.


  • •Raise the qualifications and precautionary awareness of employeesand ensure their continuous professional growth by determining their needs and realizing the plan of professional advancement.


  • •Create mutually beneficial relations with suppliers based on trust, correctness, high quality of offered products and care for the environment.


  • •To lower the risk of occupational illnesses by securing health protection for the employees in the line of their work through regular safety and health protection seminars which are also tested afterwards and by using adequate safety measures and protective means.


  • •To find, eliminate or lower to a minimum the risks to the health of workers during the work process by drawing up operating instructions and work processes, their regular actualization and adjusting in accordance with the current legislation.


  • •To secure conformity with current legal and other requirements, by following their changes and implementing them within the framework of the company.


    The basic tool of company management that allows to fulfill the abovementioned commitments is the integrated quality management system, environment management system and safety and health protection system created in accordance with the demands of the regulationsISO 9001, ISO 14 001 a OHSAS 18001.


    Leadership of the company LOKO TRANS Slovakia s.r.o.:
    Ing. Tibor Cvik, CEO
    Ing. Marek Ambrus, CEO