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Company profile


LOKO TRANS Slovakia s.r.o. is one of the leading Slovak companies handling complex services in the field of railway technology, transportation and machine construction.

The company has established itself on the market in the year 1997, specializing in trade with railway equipment, offering repairs and construction services in certified premises in Dubnica nad Váhom. Our workshops have conditions customized for repairs, revisions and reconstruction of rolling stock equipment.

The aim of the company is to keep the trust of its customers and to perpetually improve the quality of the products and services it offers. The main goal is to further cement its status as a leading manufacturer of rolling stock equipment within the European area. The employees of the company are, with their knowledge, experience and skills, the guarantee of future successful growth on the market.


The manufacturing and technological processes of the company are divided into 4 main areas:

1. Manufacture, repairs and reconstructions of railway equipment

2. Repairs and reconstructions of locomotives

3. Transport of chosen goods and commodities

4. Repairs and reconstructions of lifting and conveying equipment