Repairs and reconstruction of lifting and forwarding devices


LOKO TRANS Slovakia s.r.o. is the owner of certification to perform reconstructions, inspections, repairs and tests on lifting devices, lifting and forwarding devices, forwarding track cranes.

Revisions of track cranes EDK 300 and EDK 750 were undertaken for the companies ŽSR and ZSSK Cargo, ranging from simple revision to general overhaul with the change of the engine for the Caterpillar type, complete reconstruction of the electric system, cabling and the lifting system. Among our other satisfied customers belong other owners of lifting and forwarding devices.

Range of chosen Works on railway track cranes:

–        complete towline exchange

–        exchange of counterweight in the back of the crane

–        exchange of cabling

–        exchange of electronic devices and fusebox

–        heat cladding and heating of the cabin

–        repair of the crane travel

–        adjusting and repairs of the hydraulic components

–        repair of the travel retraction

–        adjustment of the diesel aggregate

–        general overhaul of the combustion engine

–        exchange of the motor for the Caterpillar motor type

–        exchange of the brake segments and adjustment of the compressed-air brakes for balance of their performance

–        transmission of the moving power onto the wheels (functionality of the induction clutch on the electrometer of the travel drive)

–        bogie revision

–        brake revision

–        adjustment of the axle pressures

–        pressure tests