Repairs and revisions of locomotives


The company also owns production and repair facilities at the seat of the company in Šurany where repairs and reconstructions of various locomotive types are being undertaken. Specifically:

– locomotive repairs /MS, MV, MM, M0/ as well as unplanned

– repairs of traction engines and traction dynamos

– alternator repairs

Among our important business partners are companies that provide transport and railway corridor construction for Italian, German and Belgian railways. LOKO TRANS Slovakia s..r.o. currently owns several dozens of railcars as well as several locomotives placed in Italy that provide transportation and other parts of the work process for the company′s customers.

Our own mobile service workstation, which has secured storages of spare parts all around Europe offers self-sufficient service for foreign customers within 48 hours and for customers in Slovakia within 24 hours.

Series of railway motor vehicles:



703 Locomotive

Technical parameters

704 Locomotive

Technical parameters

710 Locomotive

Technical parameters

711 Locomotive

Technical parameters

740 Locomotive

Technical parameters


770 Locomotive

Technical parameters